Tuesday Evening DJ Monthly Rehearsal Membership - Billed Monthly, Includes First And Last Month

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Rehearse by yourself or with a crew every Monday from 7pm-11pm. Our DJ setup includes two CDJ2000nxs, two Technics 1200s (needles not supplied) and a DJM900nxs2 all hooked up to a Void soundsystem dialed in for acoustic perfection.


Rehearsal memberships knock 20% off the hourly cost of our rehearsal time, and come with accruing studio hours.

Cost: $190/mo, billed monthly

How Our Rehearsal Membership Works -

Memberships are initiated by paying two months of dues up-front, or committing to a single month of rental. Memberships that begin after the first of the month will be pro-rated, and the difference will be applied on the next charge for the following month. Membership dues are paid two months in advance - your last month with us sees no fee for dues. All decisions regarding continued membership must be made by the first of the month. For groups that rehearse with more than two people involved a $1500 security deposit will be help for the duration of the rental period. Rehearsal members earn 1 hour of free studio time with an engineer per month, and may store these hours for up to 10 months.